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Spring Allergies: Plants and Trees That Cause Allergies

Spring is pretty, but with the beauty comes dander, pollen, and other irritants that can cause people to suffer allergies. According to studies, Memphis is one of the top 12 cities with high levels of pollen. About one in five Americans suffer from seasonal allergies....

Ear Infections: Causes and Symptoms

Ear infections can involve either the middle ear, or the ear canal, and both can cause pain, fever, drainage, and changes in hearing. Ear infections are more common in children than in adults. Middle ear infection (otitis media) can occur in both children and adults,...

Nasal Polyps: Symptoms and Treatment

Nasal polyps are painless, soft, fleshy, and noncancerous growths that develop in the lining of the nose and paranasal sinuses. Nasal polyps are the most common tumors of the nasal cavity and are present in 5% of nonallergic people in the United States. Nasal polyps...

Winter Allergies

Allergies can be triggered by several factors. Seasonal changes in the weather are commonly known to cause people to suffer from symptoms like headaches, irritated eyes and a runny nose. Wintertime weather can bring cold, dry air causing people to suffer from colds,...

Fall Allergies and Ragweed Pollen

Fall allergy season is right around the corner and fall allergy triggers are different, If you have nasal symptoms (such as stuffiness, drainage, itching, or sneezing) or eye symptoms (such as itching or watering), you may be a candidate for the newest allergy...
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