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Fall Allergies and Ragweed Pollen

Fall allergy season is right around the corner and fall allergy triggers are different, If you have nasal symptoms (such as stuffiness, drainage, itching, or sneezing) or eye symptoms (such as itching or watering), you may be a candidate for the newest allergy treatment option for Ragweed allergy or “hay fever”.

About 75% of people allergic to spring plants also have reactions to ragweed. ragweed pollen can travel for hundreds of miles on the wind. For some people who are allergic to ragweed, certain fruits and vegetables, including bananas, melon, and zucchini, can also cause symptoms. There are 17 different species of ragweed and these are found throughout the U.S. The name of the treatment is Ragwitek, a tablet that you take daily at home by dissolving it under your tongue. Starting the treatment now before the season starts and your symptoms become a problem will help minimize the inconvenience and suffering when the weeds start pollinating. If you have already been allergy tested and know that you have this allergy, please make an appointment to see us soon because the first dose must be given in the office. Mold and dust mites are other fall allergy triggers.

If you have not been allergy tested yet, Call the Shea Clinic today to set up an appointment with our Allergy Specialists. You must be off of oral antihistamines for a week before testing.  If you are on a beta-blocker, which is a certain kind of blood pressure/heart medicine, you will need to have a blood test to determine your allergies. 

The Shea Clinic allergy program is overseen by Dr. Greg Staffel and the nursing personnel. He has been passionately involved with allergy services for over 20 years. Together, the Shea staff offers a comprehensive approach to resolving your allergy problems. We appreciate our patients and work to achive an optimal response to therapy.

Our goal is to have you enjoy the beautiful Fall season without worrisome allergy symptoms. Shea Clinic is a full-service ENT clinic, offering state-of-the-art treatment for all of your ear, nose, and throat needs. You can contact Shea Clinic here or call us at 901-761-9720.

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