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Nose Services

Patients who suffer congestion, broken noses, nasal drainage and sinus pressure rely on Shea Clinic to address these issues associated with the nose.. Our experienced staff will help pinpoint your ailment, and find the right treatment plan. Begin to breathe easier at Shea Clinic! Learn more about common ailments of the nose by exploring our website, or schedule a consultation appointment with one of our doctors today! 


Sinus Services

Many patients suffering from sinus problems, including headaches and drainage, understand the daily frustrations associated with this common condition. Sinus problems can be made worse by allergies, and although they are technically separate diagnoses, their treatments may be interrelated.

Sinus are bony cavities which lie between and below your eyes. They have small openings which connect them to the inside of the nose. Usually air can easily pass from the nose into the sinuses. Occasionally, the nasal membranes swell up because of a cold, allergies, or turbulent airflow. The tiny holes which drain the sinuses into the nose are then closed by the swollen membranes. When this happens, the sinuses become filled with fluid, which can then become infected.

We generally see two kinds of complaints:

  • Acute sinusitis – Usually this is treated with a course of antibiotics and most people get better.
  • Chronic sinusitis – When patients are off antibiotics, symptoms return.

At the Shea Clinic Ear Nose & Throat, we offer patients several options to help reduce sinus episodes, reduce ear fluid, and breath easier. After the surgery, many patients find breathing is much easier.


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