Tinnitus Treatment

Memphis Shea clinic helps people who suffer from tinnitus. Let’s have a closer look at what tinnitus is and some of its common causes.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of noise in the ear or head. It is generated inside the body rather than coming from the outside. Tinnitus is usually a symptom of some other problem just like dizziness. The problem is often more noticeable at bedtime or in quiet places. Approximately 10 percent of the population is affected to some degree. It is more common the older we get. Left untreated, tinnitus can lead to irritability, trouble focusing, difficulty sleeping, and even depression. It is a challenging condition. While Tinnitus can´t be cured, fortunately, treatments are available. The first step is to have a thorough evaluation to determine the cause. This will determine the further suitable treatment option.

The Common Causes of Tinnitus

One of the most common causes of tinnitus is exposure to loud sounds. The noises cause damage to sounds-sensitive cells of the cochlea (a spiral-shaped organ in the inner ear). Other conditions that can lead to tinnitus are:

  • Blockage of the ear due to ear infections or buildup of wax Drugs like aspirin, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories or anti-depressants
  • Medical conditions like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, allergies, or diabetes
  • Injuries to the neck and head or jaw problems like temporomandibular joint
  • The natural aging process

Stress and fatigue seem to worsen tinnitus. So can the diet and consumption of alcohol.

Tinnitus Treatment

Treatment usually begins with changes to the diet and lifestyle. Avoiding sodium and caffeine can help the condition such as getting plenty of rest and exercise. The use of other sounds to cover up the tinnitus, known as “masking” is also a change that can be taken. New techniques for treating tinnitus include cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, tinnitus retraining therapy, and noise-suppressing hearing aids. In addition, Intratympanic perfusion with lidocaine, a procedure in which medicine is injected in the ear to help reduce tinnitus is widely used.

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