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When to get a hearing test?

When to get a hearing test?

You are not alone if you are worried that you might have hearing loss. Hearing loss can come from many things, including being around loud noises for too long. However, many people lose their hearing simply because of age. In fact, almost 25% of Americans between ages 65 and 74 have a hearing problem, as well as over 50% of Americans over age 75.


Everyone should get their hearing tested every once in a while. However, if you have any of these signs, you should make sure you get a hearing test quickly before any potential hearing loss could worsen.

  • Your ears are constantly ringing
  • You cannot hear conversations, especially in crowded places, and often get tired from trying to follow these conversations
  • You ask people to repeat themselves or turn up the volume consistently
  • It is difficult to detect the direction that sounds are from
  • You have had an ear infection or ear wax buildup
  • You experience vertigo
  • You have a particular problem hearing women or kids–Women and children speak at a higher frequency, which is usually the first to be lost

Where to get tested?

Some hearing problems will get worse without treatment, which is why it is important to get your hearing checked regularly. If you discover a hearing problem, you can take steps to help the hearing loss before it worsens. The best thing to do when worried about your hearing would be to talk to your doctor and make an appointment for a hearing test.

How often?

The frequency of hearing tests is determined by one’s age. Between ages 18-45 years old, you should get your hearing checked every 5 years.

This is really just to set a healthy routine for young adults to continually monitor their hearing health. Once you turn 46, you should get your hearing checked every 3 years, and after 60 years hearing tests should be every 2 years. However, if you are suffering from any of the symptoms above, you may need to consult a doctor without waiting for your next appointment.

Have a question about testing for hearing loss and hearing aids?

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