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Musicians Hearing Loss and Prevention

Musicians Hearing Loss and Prevention

It has been said since the beginning of classic rock that if the music is too loud, then you are too old. However, with the evidence that professional musicians are almost four times more likely to experience hearing loss, it may be smart to be wary of loud music. These professional musicians are also 57% more likely to suffer from constant ringing in their ears called tinnitus, whereas in the average population, only 2% suffer from permanent tinnitus. The four most notable rock musicians with noise-induced hearing loss are Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, Ozzy Osbourne, and will.i.am.

While most people think about classic rockers for being around loud music, the same can be said for classical musicians. It has been found that 15% of classical musicians suffer from permanent tinnitus, and 41% suffer from temporary tinnitus. On average, in the normal population, only 15% of people have experienced temporary tinnitus. Also, 43% of musicians experience hyperacusis, which is having a reduced tolerance for sound levels.


  • Get your hearing loss tested: there are many different types of hearing loss, and some may be more detrimental to musicians than others.
  • Pick the hearing aid that is right for you: there are many options for hearing aids, including noise reduction settings, different musical programs, and changing of frequencies. Different hearing aids can majorly benefit musicians.
  • Try hearing rehab: experiment with listening to books on tapes, online programs, and simple music to let your ears and brain practice hearing different sounds. This can also help with musical muscle memory.
  • Be confident: work on your hearing with the correct hearing aids and practice to be able to create music safely for your ears.

Have a question about testing for hearing loss and hearing aids? Call the Shea Clinic today to set up an appointment with our experts. Call now locally at 901-761-9720 or toll-free at 800-477-SHEA.

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