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What is an Otologist / Neurotologist?

An Otologist/Neurotologist is all ears! Otology/Neurotology are subspecialties in the field of Otolaryngology, or Ear Nose and Throat that care for problems that involve the ear, hearing and balance. They have received of additional training after completion of residency training in Otolaryngology.

Otology/Neurotology is not a new field or specialty. The modern era of Otology/Neurotology began in the great centers of European medicine: London, Edinburgh, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Berlin, Wurzburg to name a few. The father of Oscar Wilde, William Wilde, was an ear surgeon in Dublin, and the incision he developed to treat ear disease, with minor modification, is still used today. Today, many of the surgical and therapeutic techniques in current use were developed here at the Shea Clinic Ear Nose & Throat, which continues to be a leading center for Otology/Neurotology.

If you have problems with your ears, hearing and/or balance, the importance of an appropriate and timely evaluation cannot be understated. The health professionals at the Shea Clinic Ear Nose & Throat have the experience, expertise and tools to help you understand and manage your ear, hearing and/or balance concerns, and we welcome the chance to assist you.

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