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Ways to Prepare and Prevent Spring Time Allergies

Daylight savings time comes every year in March, time to spring forward into the new season. Spring is pretty, but with the beauty comes dander, pollen, and other irritants that can cause people to suffer allergies.

According to studies, Memphis is one of top 12 cities with high levels of pollen. Here are several ways to properly prepare you for the upcoming seasonal changes to potentially prevent any serious allergic reactions or sinus infections.

  • Start your spring cleaning early. Sweeping out the winter cobwebs and dusting light fixtures, decorations around the house and washing curtains are just a few examples. It is important to sweep and mop or vacuum all floors. This will help remove any pollen and dander build-up over the winter months and clear out the air.
  • Wearing proper clothing and protective gear like a face mask and gloves while cleaning can also help prevent reactions. Because dust and pollen stick to your hair and clothes, it is important to wash yourself and your clothes properly after cleaning.
  • Track pollen levels regularly. Pollen from trees, grass, and flowers are the main triggers for spring allergies. Local weather stations will tell the levels of pollen in the air every day. Be aware of areas that will have a higher rate of raised pollen levels to prevent you from having negative reactions. Download weather apps on your phone and set up alerts so notifications on pollen levels will be sent to your mobile device or smart tablet.
  • Schedule your outdoor activities based on time of day and weather conditions. Pollen levels are proven to be higher from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. so plan outdoor activities accordingly. Also, keep in mind pollen and dander levels will be higher on rainy, cold or dry, hot days. Always check temperatures and outdoor conditions before dedicating time outside.
  • Changing your air filter can also be beneficial to the prevention of allergies. It’s best to change filters every three months. Doing this as spring starts is a great way to clear the air in your house. It will create a safer environment for those living in the house, including pets. Clean air filters help to keep irritants like dust and pet dander out of the air we breathe inside our homes.
  • Keep doors and windows closed. Warmer weather and sunshine can be tempting to soak in, but while you’re at home, keep that space limited. Open windows or doors can let in all kinds of pollen and dander. These can make your eyes puffy and your nose runny. Leaving your car windows open can also cause issues with the immune system because pollen can settle in your car, triggering symptoms.
  • Schedule an appointment with your physician. You can get proper testing done to figure out what triggers your allergies. Sinus and allergy specialists can then diagnose medications and other directions to keep you healthy.

If you suffer from springtime allergies, call a physician today at Shea Clinic and schedule an appointment. The Shea Clinic allergy program is overseen by Dr. Greg Staffel and the nursing personnel. He has been passionately involved with allergy services for over 20 years. Together, the Shea staff offers a comprehensive approach to resolving your allergy problems. Call today at 800-477-SHEA or locally at 901-761-9720.

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