Are you traveling this summer? Making reservations, understanding public announcements and using the telephone can be difficult. These suggestions should make your travels easier and more enjoyable:


  • Let the reservation agent know you have a hearing loss.
  • Repeat the information so the agent can confirm the details.
  • Ask for written confirmation to be mailed, emailed or faxed to you.

You can also make your travel reservations in person with a travel agent or by yourself on-line. Some travelers go on-line to make reservations, receive notification of any change in schedule and pre-print boarding passes.

Public announcements

Public announcements can be difficult to understand.

  • Look for the video screens that post information on gates and departure times.
  • If you’re concerned about hearing announcements, let the agent at the boarding gate know you have a hearing loss.

Public telephones

Telephones with built-in amplifiers are usually available in bus, train and airport terminals. Most public telephones are hearing aid-compatible. It’s still a good idea to carry a portable amplifier… or be sure to have a good cell phone with you.


  • Most hotels and cruise ships provide assistive devices, such as amplified telephones and alerting devices for smoke and fire alarms.
  • Televisions usually have built-in captioning that you can turn on. You may want to carry your own assistive devices since you’ll be more familiar with them.
  • Let someone at the front desk know you have a hearing loss in case of emergency.

Your hearing aids

  • Come in to Shea Hearing Aid Center for a preventive check-up on your hearing aids so they’re in good condition for your trip.
  • Carry plenty of batteries.
  • Pack a dri-aid kit or other durable container to protect your hearing aids.
  • Consider carrying a spare set of aids, just in case.