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The Impact of Tobacco on Hearing Loss

Heart disease, cancer, and respiratory problems may come to mind first when you think about the negative effects of smoking. But smoking can affect your ears too and lead to loss of hearing.

One in five Americans is a smoker. Studies have shown smokers are 70% more likely to suffer from hearing loss than non-smokers.

With every inhale of a cigarette, the intake of chemicals is hugely harmful. Formaldehyde, arsenic, vinyl chloride, and ammonia are just a few.

The chemicals in cigarettes, like nicotine and carbon monoxide, weaken blood vessel circulation and oxygen levels in the cells of your inner ear. Nicotine interferes with several bodily functions. Smoking damages hearing by:

  • effects the auditory nerve, responsible for sending the brain messages to know what sound you are hearing
  • causes vertigo and dizziness
  • damages cells and DNA, leading to disease
  • irritates the middle part of the ear and the Eustachian tube
  • causes sensitivity to loud noises, making you more susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss

If you or someone you know smokes, several damages and long-term effects to the health of the body can take place. And if you believe you may be suffering from hearing loss, contact the licensed professionals at Shea Hearing Aid Center a call at (901) 415-6667 for a FREE evaluation.

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