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Stuffy Nose

It is that time of year again. You know, the time of year when the weather starts changing and it’s cooler outside, and the night comes sooner rather than later, and a hot coffee cures almost everything. Well, everything except that stuffy nose you have had all week that you just can’t seem to get rid of.

So what really makes your nose feel congested? You would assume that it is mucus from a sinus infection causing you to be congested, but you would be wrong. A stuffy nose is actually caused by inflamed blood vessels. These vessels are usually inflamed because of a sinus infection, a cold or the flu, or allergies though.

Infection patients usually get a stuffy nose 2-3 times per year and this is seen more in children than adults because a child’s immunity is weaker than the average adult.

Allergy patients have this issue because of some sort of allergy that has formed to a substance such as hay, pollen, or mold throughout the years. If you have a known allergy there are over-the-counter- medicines for you to take daily to help aid these allergies.

There are several cures for this stuff nose issue. Staying hydrated is a key way to help with your stuffy nose. Also using a humidifier, taking a hot shower, and snuggling up with your favorite hot tea or soup can help. But if you are like most, and have already tried all of those home remedies then you should probably head to the doctor and see what kind of decongestants they suggest for your problems.

The Shea Clinic Ear Nose & Throat will be more than happy to get you placed in the good hands of one of their Physicians to help you find the exact medical cure you have been looking for.

For appointments, call 800-477-SHEA or locally 901-761-9720 or click here to schedule an appointment

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