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Listening and Hearing Is Not The Same Thing

Listening and hearing is not the same thing. But, you certainly need hearing to be able to listen. However, even with some hearing loss, listening skills can go a long way towards improving understanding both without and with amplification.

Important actions that will improve you understanding are relatively simple. Looking at the person who is speaking to you, moving away from distraction, or noisy crowds, and move in closer to the speaker are all simple ways to improve understanding. Avoid conversations with each in different rooms, or holding conversations over the radio and television. If there is something that is said you don’t understand, ask the speaker to rephrase what was said, as by rephrasing the comment may give you greater clarity and understanding. Always be willing to let speakers who aren’t familiar with know that you have hearing loss; it will allow the speaker to work to ensure you understand better what is said, as your understanding is as important to the speaker as it is to you.

The health professionals at the Shea Clinic Ear Nose & Throat and the Shea Hearing Aid Center have the experience, expertise and tools to help you with your hearing and communication concerns. Should you feel you are having problems with understanding communication, or have concerns about your hearing, we welcome the chance to assist you.

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