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Hearing Aid Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

It is very important to take care of your hearing aids. Improper use, storage, or hygiene of the hearing aids can affect your ears and hearing. Following simple steps for the maintenance of your hearing aids can be beneficial for your hearing conditions and the life expectancy of the devices. The microphone and volume levels of the devices can be affected if not properly cared for.

Protect your hearing aids from dirt and other contaminated surfaces. Always wash your hands before and after touching the devices.

Proper storage is very important. Keeping them in a dry place that is not too humid or too cold is best. Keep them in a sanitary case when they are not being used. Be careful to not let them get picked up by a small child or animal, as they can cause harm to both, as well as potential damage to your device. If you plan on not using your hearing aids for a while, always take out the batteries.

Cleaning the hearing aids is simple. When you remove the hearing aid from your ear, wipe them gently with a dry, soft cloth. Remove any earwax on the devices. This ensures no build-up in the speaker or contamination will occur. Never use solvents or liquids on your hearing aids because they can seriously damage the device.

Proper usage and wearing of your hearing aids need to be learned as soon as you get them. Do NOT wear them in the water, while using a hairdryer, while applying any makeup or hair spray. All of these can seriously damage, or permanently break your hearing aids.

If you think you or someone you know may need help with maintenance or care for hearing aids or may be suffering from hearing loss, give the licensed professionals at Shea Hearing Aid Center a call at (901) 415-6667 for a FREE evaluation.

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