What is an otolaryngologist?

An otolaryngologist is trained to perform surgical and medical treatment of patients who suffer from ear, nose or throat (ENT) diseases and related structures within the head and neck area.

What conditions do otolaryngologists treat?

Otolaryngologists have to treat several different conditions within the ear, nose and throat area. Let’s have a look at each body part separately:

  • The ear: Ear disorders include hearing loss, infections, noise (tinnitus) or nerve pain (facial and cranial). Furthermore, balance or congenital disorders are conditions that are treated by the otolaryngologist.
  • The nose: One of the most common infections is the sinus infection. They can become chronic and fall in the expertise of an otolaryngologist. Breathing freely while sleeping, handling allergies and the sense of smell is a big part of the treatment. The otolaryngologist takes care of the nasal cavity and airways.
  • The throat: The vital area includes the ability to communicate (speech) and to eat and is checked on by the doctor. Furthermore, otolaryngologist treat diseases of the larynx (voice box), the upper aero-digestive tract or the esophagus. A swollen throat also falls into the expertise.

Otolaryngologist are trained in seven speciality areas – pediatric otolaryngology (children), otology/neurology (ears, balance, tinnitus), allergy, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, head and neck, laryngologist (throat) and rhinology (nose). Some doctors limit their expertise to one of those specialities.

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