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Ear Ache & Ear Pain

Ear pain or aches usually only affect one ear, but can occasionally happen in both. Pain can be caused by inflammation or infections in the inner or middle ear. These aches can be caused by several things like ear infections, earwax blockage or swimmers ear. If water gets stuck inside the ear canal, it can cause moderate to severe pain and sounds will be muffled. Other ways to ear ache happen are from sunburn or trauma like hitting the ear or falling on it or caused by a sinus infection.

Symptoms of earaches or infections can include:

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Ear pain or constant annoyance
  • Draining from the ear
  • Swelling or redness of the outer ear
  • The sensation that the ear is warm or hot
  • Sensitive to sound or touch

Earaches need immediate care. If symptoms begin, there are some home remedies you can perform. Applying a warm compress to the area can help reduce pain. Use warm water on a washcloth or small towel or heating pad and lightly apply pressure to the infected area. Taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication can also help, like Aleve or Ibuprofen. Essential oils or olive oil can also be used to help reduce pain and swelling.

Neck exercises, like rolling the neck slowly forward and backward and side to side, can help alleviate pressure. Hydrogen peroxide is another remedy used. Just pour several drops into the infected ear, let it sit for several minutes then drain it.

If these remedies do not help lessen pain, and symptoms continue to bother you, you may need to consult a doctor. If you are having ear pain, call Shea Clinic today to set up an appointment with one of our doctors. Call now locally at 901-761-9720 or toll-free at 800-477-SHEA.

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