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Sophia Glidewell


Sophia Glidewell is the Allergy Specialist at Shea Clinic and she works closely with, and under the supervision of Dr. Greg Staffel, Dr. Chris Hall and Dr. Victoria Lim. Determining the exact cause of your allergy symptoms is the first step in the treatment process and Shea Clinic offers the most popular allergy testing methods. Sophia has over 10 years of experience in helping individuals of all ages with allergy problems and related diseases. She prides herself in establishing a comprehensive plan of care for each of her patients. Whether your allergies are seasonal or perennial, she has the experience and ability to help patients understand and manage their individual allergy needs. Sophia is passionate in her role as an educator and a provider. She works with each patient to educate them about their condition and creates individualized treatment plans including prevention, medications and immunotherapy.

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