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Otolaryngology has always involved minimally invasive procedures. Even before modern scopes and technology, otolaryngologists were striving to perform procedures without visible scarring, due to the aesthetically sensitive areas of the face, head, and neck.
At Shea, most ear surgeries are performed transcanal with no visible incisions. Dr. Shea pioneered the stapedectomy surgery that safely restored hearing more successfully than other available options and with no visible incision. We continue to be committed to less invasive effective options in all areas of surgery.

Sinus and nasal surgeries are performed using endoscopes and CT guided navigation, while rhinoplasties are performed most often without external incision. Sinus balloons and Eustachian tube balloons can be used with no incision or implant needed.

Throat and vocal surgeries are performed endoscopically using high definition scopes, stroboscopy, and microscopes. Even many cancer surgeries can be performed without external incision. Laser surgery is often used.

Facial plastic surgery has always been dedicated to hiding incisions, but as demand has increased for minimally invasive and minimal downtime options, Shea Clinic board-certified facial plastic surgeons are dedicated to providing the best options while remaining focused on reduced downtime and scarring.

When you lose your hearing, those around you suffer the most.

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