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Low Dose MiniCAT Scan
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One of the basic tools used for diagnosing sinus and ear disease is a computed tomography (CT or CAT) scan. At Shea Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic our Low Dose Mini CT Scan creates 3-dimensional x-ray images of the sinuses and temporal bones giving our physicians valuable information for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
Our Mini CT is a small, upright, high quality, CT scanner specifically designed for imaging the sinuses and temporal bones obtaining hundreds of image planes instantly. The images are then immediately available on the computer monitor. ​

Previously, physicians had to send patients to hospitals or imaging centers for sinus or ear scans however, using the latest advancements in CT technology, our doctors can now take sinus and ear CT scans right in our office. This allows the physicians at Shea Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic to have instant access to your CT scan and can go over their findings with you in just a few minutes. The next steps in your treatment plan can be formulated right away allowing faster treatment and relief from your symptoms.

Our patients’ safety is always our top priority.  Our Mini CT scanner is optimized for imaging the sinus and ears and emits 82% less radiation than a conventional multi-purpose CT scanner found in hospitals and imaging centers. Patients are exposed to an extremely minimal amount of radiation – equivalent to just two chest x-rays. A CT scan can be a useful diagnostic tool and the Mini CT provides a safe and convenient option, even for children.
Our Low Dose Mini CT scan offers a safe, rapid, comfortable, and convenient way to deliver high resolution images of the sinuses and ears to help our physicians provide the best care possible.

When you lose your hearing, those around you suffer the most.

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