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Our Physicians

John Shea, Jr., M.D.

John J. Shea, Jr., M.D. is the son of Ear, Nose and Throat specialist John J. Shea, Sr., M.D. (1889-1952). Dr. Shea, Jr. attended Notre Dame, where he graduated magna cum laude, and Harvard Medical School, where he graduated with honors in 1947. He did his residency at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston and served in the United States Navy Medical Corps during the Korean War.

John Emmett, M.D.

Dr. John Emmett joined Dr. John Shea, Jr., at the SHEA EAR clinic in 1976, beginning his medical and surgical career in the treatment of patients who have ear, hearing and balance disorders. Dr. Emmett often chuckles to himself when reflecting back on the road that led him to the SHEA EAR clinic. Rather than taking a direct path to the SHEA EAR clinic, Dr. Emmett took a meandering course along life's country lanes with stopovers at various universities. These stopovers turned out to be life-changing directions that finally led to the SHEA EAR clinic and a fulfilling career of helping in the care of patients who have ear problems.

Greg Staffel, M.D.

After his fellowship, Dr. Staffel was immediately offered numerous academic positions throughout the country. He accepted an assistant professorship at the University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio. Although Dr. Staffel was now teaching specialists about nasal and facial plastic surgery, he knew he was actually just at the threshold of learning the finest points of his craft. During the first eighteen months of his academic career he had the privilege of visiting and spending time with the five best nasal plastic surgeons in the world.

Paul Shea, M.D.

Since he was a young boy, Paul F. Shea, M.D. has been asked the question “Are you going to follow in your father’s footsteps and become a great ear doctor one day?” The obvious answer to the question seemed to be yes. In many ways, he considers it to have been his destiny, but the road was not easy one. There were many challenges he had to overcome, not the least of which was living in the shadow of his larger-than-life father, John J. Shea, Jr., M.D. Indeed, becoming an ear doctor seems to have been in his blood. Paul Shea is, in fact, the fifth Shea male to have become an ear, nose, and throat doctor, beginning with his grandfather, John J. Shea, Sr., M.D., (1889-1952).

Brian McKinnon, M.D.

Dr. McKinnon became interested in otology and neurotology during his time as a U.S. Naval Flight Surgeon. Following his training, he was the Neurotologist for the combined residency program at National Naval Medical Center, and Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and the Otolaryngologist for the White House Medical Unit, and Pentagon Dilorenzo TRICARE Health clinic.  He joined the Shea Ear Clinc in 2013 after a distinguished career as an academic Neurotologist  at Georgia Regents University.

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